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CEO Think Tank: Investment, Business, and Government Strategy - Risks & Opportunities Forecasts

Government and business leaders leverage the institute's decision support services to help them identify and respond to emerging challenges and opportunities. One of the most critical tasks of a CEO is to make the right decisions at times of uncertainty. In rapidly changing market conditions, a single investment or strategy error can damage the executive's career.

According to Med Jones, the president of the institute, "Wrong decisions are based on lack of information, misinformation, or inaccurate decision models."  Our independent advisors can protect the leadership team against management blind spots, internal biases and groupthink.

While the executive team is busy running the business, our consultants will research emerging opportunities and challenges, validate forecasting models, review planning assumptions, and provide independent insights on complex issues.

The research results are disseminated in the form of private strategy papers, strategic retreats, best practices training, consulting and CEO support services.

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Management Training: CEO Seminars, Courses, Classes, Workshop in USA: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York, DC, Miami

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