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International Institute of Management
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About Us

The International Institute of Management is a best practices education and consulting organization. The institute's think tank researchers study the most successful economies and companies to understand their key success factors. The research results are disseminated in the form of management consulting, training and performance support services.

Professional Services

The institute's consultants have expert knowledge of the competitive and operational challenges facing the executive leadership teams across most industries. We serve as trusted management advisors, providing the following support services:

  • Strategic planning retreats
  • Board and CEO support services
  • Best practices research and think tank services
  • Human capital development and corporate training

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Due to recent heavy traffic, we are currently upgrading our web servers, meanwhile, you can find the full "About Us"  page  at the institute's mirror website at International Institute of Management





Management Training: Executive Seminars, Courses, Classes, Workshop in USA: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York, DC, Miami

Executive Education   Think Tank   About Us  



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