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Management Training Excellence

10 Reasons Why Organizations Invest in Our Management Training

  1. Networking and development
    Successful organizations and professionals distinguish themselves by investing in their intellectual capital and network development. They associate with and learn from the best in their fields. Our clients receive a free membership to the global CEO Club or the Management Society. The membership offers access to a global forum for professional networking and business development with over 5000 senior executives and managers
    from the Global Fortune 1000 and other reputable companies.

  2. Learn from leaders
    The Institute's researchers have collected more practical ideas from the world's best management minds than any other Institute. Our management education content is success-oriented. The Institute researchers study the works of the most successful companies, managers and influential management thinkers to identify their best practices, critical success factors and learned lessons. Researched CEOs include names such as Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates. The courses are supported by experiential case studies from leading companies such as AT&T, IBM, McDonald's, Microsoft, Sony, Exxon Mobil, Boeing and Toyota. The researchers also conduct a Critical analysis of the applications and limitations of popular management practices, models and frameworks, including the works of the world's leading management gurus, such as Adams, Dell, Drucker, Gates, Hamel, Kanter, Maslow, McKenna, Moore, Ohmae, Peters, Nonaka, Negroponte, Shapiro, and Welch. The researchers then incorporate their findings into the management education program to provide students with the latest and most advanced thinking.

  3. Customized, experiential and action-learning courses
    The Institute management training is based on a unique experiential action-learning model that saves participants learning time, effort and costs. Participants can choose industry/company-specific projects, thereby bridging the knowledge-application gap. To learn more please visit the executive action-learning paper

  4. Return on Investment (ROI)
    Management Training Courses are designed to enable managers to innovate, solve complex problems and formulate new strategies. At the end of the course managers can leverage course work in their business, with immediate ROI to their companies.

  5. Expert Advisors
    Our advisors are seasoned management consultants who advise global Fortune 1000 companies. Unlike academic programs that tend to focus on management theory, Management Training Courses are designed for professionals with a focus on critical business concepts, management insights and management best practices.

  6. Less is more!
    Managers don't have time; they want quick and practical knowledge. The advisors are results-oriented. They understand key business drivers, operations and performance metrics better than most. The Institute's management training courses are designed using highly effective formats including executive summaries, bullet points, frameworks, methodologies, checklists, tables
    and case studies.

  7. Accelerated courses
    Since the content of Management Training Courses is highly focused and practical, what would normally take months of academic education, takes only days to learn via the Insitute's accelerated management training model.

  8. Modular and flexible delivery options
    Modular management training courses and flexible delivery options allow executives to choose the modules that are relevant to their current needs. They can choose distant-learning or accelerated-classroom training methods.

  9. Latest management research
    With the advent of globalization, rapid technology advances and a continuously changing business environment, managers cannot depend on old textbooks and outdated business models. They must keep up with the latest knowledge for successful strategy formulation and decision making. Our management training courses provide resources to identify and address up to date industry trends, challenges and opportunities.

  10. Multinational collective intelligence
    The Institute's research and education network consist of 55 universities and organizations from 40 countries. The Institute's leverages this strong multinational network to provide the clients with a global perspective and leading advice.

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The management training courses can be delivered via accelerated workshops in Las Vegas, USA or Europe.

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