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Corporate Training

Corporate Training: Executive Action Learning and Management Training

 Executive Action Learning

The Institute provides corporate-tailored training programs for senior, middle and line management teams. The training programs are customized to client's industry and specific organizational needs. Our corporate management training programs are based on a proprietary Executive Action-Learning Model (EAL) Model. Action Learning is an organizational change and development tool. The change program is implemented via a combination of best practices education, experiential training, advisory process, and collaboration facilitation.

Custom Management Training Development:

Before designing a training program, a training advisor will understand the client's development objectives and performance targets then s/he will work with the client's team to design the most suitable program. The resultant program content, methods and duration will be tailored to meet participants' needs and budget. The program can vary in duration from one-day seminar to one-year capacity-building and enterprise change-management programs.

What is Organization Action Learning

Organization Action Learning (OAL) is an experiential education and training process whereby the participants collaborate on action programs (projects) to improve business performance. This is done in conjunction with others, in small groups called Action Learning Teams (ALT). It is proposed as particularly suitable for organizations, as it enables each manager to reflect on and review the actions they have taken and the learning points arising for continuous improvement. The resulting lessons and action plans should then guide future actions and improve business performance.

The action learning method differs from the traditional teaching methods that focus on the memorization and presentation of knowledge, by focusing on experiential reflection and skills development.

Organization Action Learning as a Best Practices Development Tool

The International Institute of Management has customized the action learning methods by extending the experiential reflection to include the analysis of the successes and failures learned from business leaders and how the best practices lessons can be implemented in the organization for improved business and organizational performance.

Training Customization (For Group Training):

The management training and case studies can be customized to each industry, including: government and public sector management, banking, insurance and financial services management, investment and asset management, energy, utilities, oil and gas management, trade and retail management, education management, pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospital management, construction management, real estate management, agriculture and fishery management, food and restaurant management, telecommunication and information technology management, transportation, freight and logistics management, aerospace, automotive, airlines management, hospitality management, tourism, travel and leisure management, media management, and manufacturing management.


Case Study Example

Building and delivering a custom training program for one the largest telecommunication companies in the world

Senior Management Best Practices: Strategy Creation and Validation

Corporate Training Delivery

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