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Management Accounting Courses and Seminrs - Managerial Accounting Courses and Seminars in USA, Canada and Europe Managerial Accounting Course
   Understanding Accounting Reports for Managerial Decision-Making

Training Model: Action Learning Seminar and Workshop
Seminar Venue: USA West (Jan to Dec): Las Vegas. Los Angeles. San Francisco. Seattle.
USA East (Jan to Dec): Chicago. Houston. Miami. New York. Washington, DC.
Europe (June to Oct): Amsterdam. Barcelona. Dublin. Frankfurt. London. Paris. Rome. Vienna. Warsaw. Zurich.
Asia Pacific: Bangkok. Singapore. Tokyo. Sydney.
Ask for on-demand and unlisted course venues.
Seminar Duration: 3 Days (2-day seminar + 1-day project)
Seminar Times: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Seminar Dates: Executive Education Calendar
Ask for on-demand and unlisted course dates.
Seminar Fees:  $4,999
Group Discounts:  5% for 2 delegates. 10% for 3 or more delegates. Government and non-profit delegates receive up to 15% discount for 4 or more delegates. Valid only for Las Vegas venue.
Seminar Options: Available on client site for a group of 5 or more delegates.
The delivery method of this seminar is in classroom (in-person). If you have a special customization request (topics, duration, location, or delivery methods, including one-to-one coaching, blended learning [hybrid in-person and online learning]), please indicate that in the registration form.
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Management Accounting Course - Managerial Accounting Course in Las Vegas, USA Seminar Audience 

  • Non-finance managers with P&L responsibility, including entrepreneurs, general managers, business unit managers, operations managers, planning and budgeting managers, project managers, and management consultants

  • The Chief Accounting Officers (CAO) team, including  accounting managers, treasurers, investor relations managers, controllers and accounting managers

  • Note: This course is designed for government and corporate professionals; we do not accept students seeking initial employment or postsecondary education

Management Accounting Course - Managerial Accounting Course in Las Vegas, USA Seminar Objectives 

  • Provide an understanding of the management accounting framework. How accountants plan, manage and audit of accounting reports

  • Offer experiential analysis of the challenges of CFOs and accounting managers in managing financial information

  • Cover managerial accounting information used for planning, analysis, and control

  • Focus on accounting best practices, tools, models to facilitate managerial decision-making

  • The course focuses on finance management decision-making. It does not discuss in-depth mathematical calculations or book-keeping processes that can be automated by computer software

Management Accounting Courses and Seminrs - Managerial Accounting Courses and Seminars in USA, Canada and Europe Training Focus

  • Develop the core management accounting skills and competencies, including accounting planning, control, problem-solving, and reporting.

Management Accounting Course - Managerial Accounting Course in Las Vegas, USA Training Model

  • Experiential action learning

  • 25%-50% seminar and 50-75% experiential project work

  • The development of management skills is based on KASAC executive education and management training model

Management Accounting Course - Managerial Accounting Course in Las Vegas, USA Seminar Modules

  • Top Management Accounting Questions

  • Accounting Principles and Standards

  • Accounting Procedures

  • Financial Statements: Balance Sheet, Income, and Cash flow

  • Financial Performance Analysis (Ratio Analysis and Benchmarking)

  • Internal Controls and Audits

  • Corporate Governance and Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)

Management Accounting Course - Managerial Accounting Course in Las Vegas, USA Key Concepts & Best Practices

  • Top CFO questions. Top CFO challenges.

  • Managerial decision-making using accounting reports and financial statements, including balance sheet, income, and cash flow statements

  • Management accounting best practices

  • Basic understanding of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) framework. International accounting standards (IAS) and international financial reporting standards (IFRS)

  • Quick overview understanding of accounting terminology, general ledgers and charts of accounts

  • Key accounting concepts and formulas: Accounting costs. Expenses. Revenues. Profit and Loss (P&L). Break-even Analysis (BEA). Assets and Liabilities. Stocks. Shares. Bonds. Earnings. Dividends. Shareholder's Equity. Cash Flow. Debt. Debt Collection Period. Earnings per Share (EPS). EBITDA. Depreciation and amortization

  • Financial Analysis: Business health and performance assessment via financial ratio analysis. Horizontal and vertical financial analysis. Performance, profitability, investment, capital gearing, liquidity, and solvency Ratios

  • Capital and operational budgeting (CapEx and OpEx) techniques

Management Accounting Course - Managerial Accounting Course in Las Vegas, USA Training Seminar Customization Subjects

  • Accounting principles, processes, and procedures

  • Analysis of annual reports of public companies

  • The functions and practices of accountants, including the maintenance of bank accounts, developing financial statements, cash flow and financial performance analysis

  • Accounting systems, types of costs, and cost allocation, budgeting, performance measurement and reporting

  • Development of internal accounting data, and use of this information to assist internal decision making

  • Revenue recognition and cost allocation

  • Assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity issues

  • Understanding the sources of information contained in accounting statements

  • Overview of modern capital and operational budgeting techniques

  • Understanding audits, internal controls, Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance and management responsibility

Management Accounting Course - Managerial Accounting Course in Las Vegas, USA Courseware Content (Customized)

The Management Accouting training courseware includes the following:

  1. Participant's training guide

  2. Subject matter handbook and lecture notes

  3. Executive summary of the subject matter:

    • Summary of essential concepts and accounting best practices

    • Examples and case studies

  4. Management accounting toolkit (management frameworks, decision-models, and checklists)

  5. Experiential work-based assessment project

  6. Online resources for the completion of the experiential assessment project

 Courses By Industry - Optional Customization (For Group Training):

The management seminars and case studies can be customized to each industry, including: government and public sector management, banking, insurance and financial services management, investment and asset management, energy, utilities, oil and gas management, trade and retail management, education management, pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospital management, construction management, real estate management, agriculture and fishery management, food and restaurant management, telecommunication and information technology management, transportation, freight and logistics management, aerospace, automotive, airlines management, hospitality management, tourism, travel and leisure management, media management, and manufacturing management.

Management Accounting Courses and Seminrs - Managerial Accounting Courses and Seminars in USA, Canada and Europe Performance Evaluation (Optional)

  • Performance evaluation is optional and can be evaluated on the basis of individual or team project deliverables

  • There are no Q&A exams or tests. Candidates can choose to complete customized experiential work-based projects such as developing a relevant analysis document, management strategy, action plan or a senior management presentation

  • The course advisor will review the deliverables and provide improvement feedback. The evaluation is a form of management consulting and experiential coaching for performance improvement

Management Accounting Course - Managerial Accounting Course in Las Vegas, USA Executive Seminar Registration

Management Accounting Seminar (Managerial Accounting)

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