Executive Education Courses: FAQ

Q: What is KASAC executive education and evaluation model?

A: International Institute of Management developed a five-dimensional model for executive education and evaluation. The model is called KASAC. KASAC is an acronym for Knowledge, Analysis, Synthesis, Application and Communication. This model is used as the basis for the Institute's executive education, coaching and evaluation process.  For a CEO to succeed in today's complex business environment s/he should demonstrate mastery in all five dimensions:

1. Knowledge:

  • Understanding of the subject-matter
  • Understanding of the framework and the principles of the managerial decision-making process

2. Analysis:

  • Ability to identify opportunities and diagnose challenges
  • Ability to identify critical success factors and potential pitfalls
  • Ability to design sound evaluation criteria for decision making
  • Ability to uncover driving forces, structure, relationships, dependencies, and situation variables

3. Synthesis:

  • Ability to design an effective strategy/solution, taking into consideration the alignment of external and internal forces
  • Solution innovativeness and thinking outside the box
  • Solution feasibility (practicability)
4. Application:
  • Ability to prioritize between strategic and tactical needs (trade-offs)
  • Ability to design/use measurement, key performance indicators (KPIs) and control systems
  • Maturity of the execution plan (including time, resources, budget, quality, risks, change, communication, procurement)

5. Communication:

  • Ability to communicate and present to the stakeholders at each level (articulation of management ideas, professional documentation, business case/report writing and presentation)
  • Understanding of the context, text, subtext of management reports.
  • Leadership (ability to listen, learn, persuade, motivate and win the support of the stakeholders)

Course Delivery Method

  1. Customization Request: Agreeing with the advisor on the learning focus, course expectations, type of industry/company and assessment project
  2. Reading Assignment: Understanding essential concepts (Knowledge transfer)
  3. Case-study Assignment: Management issues analysis (Learn by example)
  4. Project Assignment: Real-world best practices application (Knowledge creation)
  5. Advisor Feedback: Reviewing participants work and providing improvement advice (Development)

For the full paper consider the Executive Action Learning White Paper


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