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The CEO School provides executive seminars to share the latest management best practices research, insights and lessons with the management community.

Executive Education and CEO Seminars

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Executive Seminars:

  • Executive Seminar # 1: How to Select and Evaluate a CEO?

    • The CEO's 3 top challenges. Board of Directors (BOD) and CEO performance evaluation. CEO strategy evaluation. CEO leadership evaluation. CEO performance evaluation

    • CEO Insights Whitepaper - How to Evaluation the CEO?

  • Executive Seminar # 2: How to Evaluate the Board of Directors?

  • Executive Seminar # 3: Executive Compensation Best Practices

    • Corporate Governance Best Practices: Executive Compensation Best Practices -  A guide to the Board of Directors. CEO compensation best practices. CEO performance metrics.

  • Executive Seminar # 4: CEO Succession Planning

    • Succession Planning Best Practices - A Guide to the Board of Directors

  • Executive Seminar # 5: Balanced Scorecard

    • Strategy formulation. Strategy execution. Causes of strategy failures.  Strategy alignment and performance measurement. Balanced scorecard implementation limitations and pitfalls.

  • Executive Seminar # 6: Top CEO Strategy Questions

    • The top 6 questions every board must ask its CEO. The top 12 questions all CEOs must ask their CXOs.

  • Executive Seminar # 7: CEO Strategy Metrics (KPIs)

    • Insights. Management Model Best Practices. Key performance indicators (KPIs). Leading and lagging indicators. Financial metrics,  operational metrics and shareholder value. Closed-loop performance measurement. Alignment tree and performance metrics. Benchmarking resources

  • Executive Seminar # 8: Global Leadership Challenge - Nissan Case Study

    • Leading a global organization. The decline of Nissan Motors  - A case study. Nissan partnership with Renault and Carlos Ghosn as COO. The leadership challenges. The leadership and global cultural gap. the Japanese management style. Ghosn's turnaround and cost cutting strategy. Critical success factors. Ghosn's change management principles. The change management framework.

  • Executive Seminar # 9: Restructuring and Turnaround Best Practices

    • Top internal and external causes of performance decline. IIM Turnaround methodology. Turnaround performance metrics. 9 key turnaround areas. Turnaround plan and strategic options. Turnaround lessons

  • Executive Seminar # 10: CIO and Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) Compliance Project

    • Governance, Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOA), CEO & CFO. SOX Section 302 & 404. SOX Compliance Project: Discovery, assessment, remediation and testing. SOX and IT best practices COSO, COBIT and GCC. SOX compliance project methodology & timeline. SOX compliance project's deliverables.

  • Executive Seminar # 11: Executive Ethics & Social Responsibility

    • The social responsibility of business. Executive ethics and stakeholders relationship management. Do ethics pay?. Unethical/Illegal behavior. The problems of ethics. The solution to ethical problems. Ethical decision-making: The 5 ethical tests. Professional ethics best practices. The Institute's views on social responsibility. Corporate citizenship example. The Institute standards of professional conduct.

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