Management Best Practices Society

The Management Society is an association of management professionals. The Society is a global professional and business networking forum for managers from the Global Fortune 1000 and reputable companies.

Management Society is a platform for learning, developing and contributing to the management community. Its main objectives: 

  • Promote the art, science and practice of management

  • Promote professional networking and fellowship

  • Recognize and honor the work of the world's top thinkers, authors, investors, entrepreneurs and executives - those are the elites of the management profession, the professionals who impacted the way we think about and do business.

  • Maintain an updated list of best management works (articles, books and research papers) Recognize and publish of key new management thinking via the annual paper awards

  •  Encourage original and innovative research

  • Promote the exchange of information as well as business and career opportunities

The membership is free, however it is limited to select professionals. Our clients automatically qualify for the membership, other candidates are subject to the approval of the membership managers.

The Society's main objectives are to: 

  • Allow members to build business and professional relationships and promote fellowship

  • Help members find job candidate or search for new management jobs

  • Encourage original management science and best practices research

  • Promote the art, science and practice of management by recognizing and honoring the works of leading management thinkers, authors, and executives.

  • Maintain an updated list of the best management works (articles, books, research projects, and executive white papers)

The Society membership and communication website is managed on the free LinkedIn website. You can setup a professional profile and request your group membership for free. If you believe you are qualified for the group membership, then please submit your request to:  Management Society

Please allow 1-2 weeks for a response.

You must agree to the Management Society Ethics. The membership remains at the discretion of the Management Society director. If you are a client of the Institute, please let us know.


Thank you for your interest.

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Erin Higgins
Membership Director


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