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Client Testimonials


Our consultants provide advanced research, management consulting, and training services for clients such as the U.S. Government, the European Commission, AT&T, Boeing, Cisco, HP, Intel, Merrill Lynch, SABIC, Al Jazeera, and other global companies.

Strategic Operations Management - Customized Corporate Training
Completely different experience and approach from traditional courses. The action learning workshop allowed us to rethink our company business and operations. It provided us with an effective management framework to align business strategy and operations strategy. The 360 degree view of business functions allowed us to identify several management blind spots. This is more real-life consulting, coaching and development. The consultant is extremely knowledgeable and his Fortune 500 experience across different industries allowed him to gave us many best practices and creative ideas to solve critical problems and save our company money.  We fully recommend it.

Global Healthcare Company
Revenues: $8 Billion. Employees 32,000
Alberto Bortoli, General Manager - Italy
Jens Schaake, Operations Manager - Germany
Ignacio Gerardi, Operations Manager - Argentina




Information Technology Management Course
The training was very useful. The course customization was excellent. The course advisor has deep knowledge and insights into senior management thinking and their "triggers". The most useful experience that I gained from attending this course is how to think and act like a CIO. If you want to advance your career you should take this class.

U.S. Telecom Company
Revenues: $140 Billion. Employees 240,000
Brian Chan - IT Security Manager

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Strategic Management Course
If I was one of the big five (consulting firms), I would be worried.  The action-learning model solves complex business problems at a fraction of the consulting cost and time. The advisor's experience enriched our discussions. I liked that I can use the course material as a best practices toolkit. The strategic decision-making process is one of the best I have seen in my career. More importantly, now I have a validated action plan to implement at my work. I recommend this course without any reservation.

Sam Safi
GM, Dubai, UAE

MTC Group



Customized Corporate Training Program
Senior Executive Leadership Team (Asset & Operations Management)
Simply the best! Very influential! Especially, if you want to turn around and rescue a company - Peter Otili - Regional Head
Through this action learning experience, I'm able to lead change and stabilize my organization. The Institute is blessed with professionals that can deliver great management learning and advice - Mable Ohere - Head of Benefits and Advisory Offices
This is a very rewarding program, unlike other fluffy training courses, this program is based on the DNA of executive (think tank) research - Kolo Abubaker - Head of Business Development and Sales
The training is very rich and has helped me on the job. Professional success is all about the details. I like the practical aspect of the training. -  Adeleye Dinakin - Head of Operations
The best practices knowledge gained has helped me to better lead and support my company through the change - Amasua Essien - Head of IT

Leading Asset Management & Pension Fund ~ $11 billion assets
 Senior Leadership Team - First Guarantee Pension



Finance Management Course
The course was excellent in developing my subject matter expertise. The facilitator was clear, concise, organized and supportive. What I liked most about the course is the real-world examples, they were very effective. I strongly recommended the course, you get more than what you pay for!

Rollin Hansen - Financial Advisor - Merrill Lynch
A global Investment and financial services company


Investment Management Course
I found the investment concepts to be the most useful learning experience from this course. I have talked to many finance professionals and CFOs trying to understand the various investment decision criteria, and no one explained them better than the instructor. Now I can speak the language of my CFO with confidence. I publicly recommend this course.

Suleiman Al-Assaf - CEO, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Middle East Investment Co 
A Billion Dollar Investment Management Firm




Customized Investment Banking Operations Management Training
This is indeed a worthwhile educational and development experience for all. Gives you a lot of insights into operations management best practices, not only in investment banking, but also learned lesson from other industries. The most useful feature of this training is the learning model that moves from traditional theoretical education to experiential learning and consulting.

A leading Investment Bank & Asset Management ~ with more than $10 billion assets
Agnes Okwudiafor - Head of Transaction Support - FBN Capital




Strategic Management Course
I worked at Ernest & Young and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, so I had strong exposure to strategic management. Before I came to this program my expectation was that it would be a refresher course. It turned out to be much more. I liked the practical/interactive style, true to life scenarios and strategy implementation sessions. If you want to learn the A-Z of strategy without the verbosity, attend the program.

Godfrey Ebetaleye - Head Strategy Group, AfriBank
A leading African bank with 900,000 clients




Strategic Human Resources Management Course
The course really advanced my expertise on the subject. The experiential model was very effective. The topics were to the point and based on industry best practices. More importantly, I was able to address key HR issues in our company.

Liliane Madode, VP Human Capital, Diamond Bank, Benin
A leading national bank



Executive Leadership Course
Very good course and very knowledgeable advisor with custom and fast analysis that made me more self-aware. This course is a must for every leader. It gives you the tools to do a better job.

Avish Gavriel - Director North America Services Delivery,  Hewlett-Packard
A global IT manufacturer and services company




Management Leadership Course
Leadership is influence. A leader makes sure intended results are achieved in spite unfavorable situations and that's what exactly this program takes you through. My aim is to drive more worldwide projects which will benefit the organization globally. The course prepared me to be a professional leader and how to make a difference in my organization. I have internalized the leadership thought process and feel more confident now. I found the study material well structured and descriptive. All the case studies and reference documents are spot on! The leadership insights and personality test were clear standouts. I learned the most from them. 

Jyoti Kajrolkar -  Manager , Platinum Support,  MCaf e Security
An Intel Company
A Global Technology Company




Management Leadership Course
Excellent course! Highly enjoyable week, I have received many insights and good takeaways.  The class size was perfect, I liked the advisor's personality and knowledge of the subject. The experiential learning, case studies and discussions were excellent. Must Attend!

Jeff Johnson - Risk Manager, Department of Homeland Security, US Government




Operations Management Course
The course material and the facilitator were excellent and the course customization was very good. I liked the Lean Six Sigma best practices, the balanced scorecard tool, the focus on strategic operations management and the many real-life examples given during the course

Jean-Charles Bertin - Director Asset Management - Paris HQ. GDF SUEZ
The second largest retail electricity provider in U.S with more than $120 Billion in revenues



Strategic Management Training and Consulting
In the past few years, three major divisions were consolidated into a mega organization that I had to lead. This merger created a new set of challenges and opportunities. At the agency, we wanted to learn what are the latest strategic management best practices in the private sector and how we can adapt them for our government work. The program was excellent. The consultant was very knowledgeable and was very good in developing my expertise on the subject matter. The single most important and unique tool I learned was the Institute's 9S strategy evaluation model. It was a great investment was well worth every penny!

Director, GS-15, A Department of Defense Agency, US Government




Strategic Human Resources Management Course
It's like getting advanced management consulting at a training cost. Instead of having a team of overpaid management consultants spending months to analyze the problem, the experiential training and facilitation allowed us to solve the problem on our own, faster and at much less cost. Even better, rather than giving us fish, we learned how to fish. I was especially impressed with the accuracy of the psychology profiling tool. It was invaluable for understanding the different types of personalities, motivations and behaviors. We will be using it to determine our HR fit, selection and leadership performance development.

Steve C. - Contract Manager, US Government



Operations Management Course
The course quality, customization, case studies mix and overall effectiveness were very good. I also liked the course advisor and his global perspective. This is a good course and I recommend it.

Lech Lenkiewicz - Logistics Lead, Iridium Satellite Center , Boeing Company
Leading Aerospace Manufacturer and US Largest Exporter




Customized Training Program - Telecom Operations Management
I just want to take a moment to express how pleased we are with the work of <the consultant>. The feedback from my team has been extremely positive. It is obvious that he has a real gift for communicating his vast knowledge in comprehensible terms. In a relatively short time, he learned the complexity of our operations and translated his learning into meaningful lessons for our people. This has come at a critical time for us as we quickly move into the next generation network capabilities. The other thing that we all appreciate is his demeanor, professionalism and his respect for everyone with whom he comes in contact. It is a pleasure working with him.

Richard Okino - Director, Wireless Network Control Center (WNCC), AT&T Wireless
A leading US Telecom company with 100+ Million wireless users




Management Information Systems (MIS) Course
The course material was presented in a clear, concise and organized fashion. The training advisor was very effective in handling participants questions. The real-world discussions were good especially the sharing of insights from classmates. The most I liked about the course were the top CIO questions and Overview of IT project management section. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to prepare for the advancement to the CIO level

Jodi Gersh- IT and Business Director, USA Today
A Leading US Media Company




Management Information Systems Course
The course developed my expertise a lot. It provided a clear understanding of the overall information technology landscape. The training was excellent and the facilitator had a vast array of knowledge. I do recommend the training to anyone who wants to understand the CIO's role and management functions

Craig Dumstorff - Systems Solutions Manager, Coors Brewing Company
A leading global beverage company




Finance Management Course
I liked the global aspect of the course. The experiential learning and the customization of the course were excellent. I learned how to communicate with my CFO and senior management.

Michael Heimerle - Finance Manager, Sodexo
A global contract management firm with 120,000 employees



Management Leadership Course
The quality of the information was excellent. The course customization was very good. What I liked most about the course is that it was highly interactive and the discussion of real management problems. The most useful learning experiences for me were critical thinking skills, understanding the personality traits of my co-workers, and managing office politics. I highly recommend this course, it is a must for any effective leader.

Charis Abiodun Akinsanya - CFO, Lagos State Polytechnic University




Operations Management Course
I liked how the course brought knowledge application to real world situations. I learned how to use the COO thought process and how to connect the dots across different departments to see the big picture and improve performance.

Gary Ripkowski - Senior Production Manager , St Jude Medical
Leading Medical Manufacturer with $16 Billion market cap and sells products in over 100 countries




Management Leadership Course
This course exceeded my expectations. The course is well researched. I liked the ability of the facilitator to draw my blind spots during the discussion and how he coached me through to develop my leadership style. The facilitator had superior knowledge of the subject matter. Best of all attending the course was like one-on-one sessions with an executive coach.

LaTonya Myers - Director, Human Resources, JoAnn Stores
800 nationwide retail stores and 32,000 employees



Operations Management Course
The course material and the instructor were excellent. The most useful learning experience from the course was the ability to have 100% view of the company and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Operations. I absolutely recommend this course. It is a good course for those who want to develop their operations management career and become COOs.

Arunkumar Keserla - Senior Systems Engineer, Aristocrat Inc
Global Manufacturer of Casino Gaming Products




Strategic Planning Retreat
Manufacturing Joint Venture Feasibility Study

Thank you very much for your support in working with us on the Girlanda joint venture project. Our management is very impressed by your professional consulting services and the dedication you extended to the feasibility study.

Iskendr Astorian - Managing Director, ALMA Company
VA, Italy


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