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Henry Ford
Ford Motors - (1863-1947)

  • " Sometimes it is the men 'higher up' who most need revamping - and they themselves are the last to recognize it." (Henry Ford)

Key Work

Henry Ford  an "entrepgineer". A is unique combination of an entrepreneur and an engineer*.

  • Attends business school for three months.
  • Chief engineer at Edison electric factory in Detroit. 
  • develop a prototype automobile in his garden ( note he did not invent the motor car)
  • Wins Grosse Point car races.
  • Founds Ford Motor Co.
  • Produces Model A Fordsmobile
  • Produces and sell 10 million of Model  T
  • His introduction of mass production assembly line methods changed the manufacturing model 

*Note: "Engineer" is a French word meaning innovative or creative

Books & References:

  • Doubleday, Ralph H. The Triumph of an Idea: The Story of Henry Ford. New York: Graves, Doran & Company, Inc., 1934.
  • My Life and Work

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