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Sample Project  Assignment- Strategic Business Management

This a partial questions list

Utilizing acquired course knowledge and provided strategy management tools, select a public company (preferably a global Fortune 500) for which you plan to become its new CEO, VP of strategy or strategy management consultant (if you are an entrepreneur, you may choose your own company). As agreed with your advisor, prepare an executive summary paper (in MS word format 20-30 pages) covering a selection the following topics:

1. What is the company's market and business model? (How does the company make money?)

2. Analyze the company health (mission, strategy, policy, organization, culture, people, process, budget, reports, performance metrics and tools)

3. How does the company compare to its peers (use benchmarking and external SWOT model for analysis)?

4. Identify actual or type of information, people, process and tools needed to formulate your business strategy

5. Identify most relevant news and trends that are important to the company. For example:

  • New technologies or services
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Market issues (including outsourcing, globalization, Internet, competition etc.
  • Internal operation losses
  • Legal and regulatory changes
  • Security, war and other issues

6. Develop a balanced scorecard report for your company with KPI and business metrics.

7.  Draft a strategic initiative/program/project(s) to address current challenges and opportunities. It can be a new business startup or SBU,  business transformation, M&A, turnaround or any new strategy/product/operation development.

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