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Christian Edwards

Cristian Edwards

Board of Advisors - Corporate Law and Financial Regulations

Cristi n Edwards serves as the chief legal counsel and chief compliance officer in Chile for a Fortune 500 company. Through its diverse family of financial services companies, Principal Financial Group offers a wide range of financial products and services including retirement, asset management and insurance.

Edwards is an active member, and previously served as Chairman, of the Insurance Companies Association's legal committee, as well as the Mutual Funds Association and US Chilean Chamber of Commerce.

Edwards has practiced in the financial services and financial regulation fields for more than 30 years, advising leading financial institutions on a wide range of regulatory, risk management and compliance issues. A significant part of his legal work has involved working closely with regulatory bodies and managing the legal and compliance departments of multinational conglomerates in Chile. He also served on several boards of directors for more than a decade.

From counseling in cross-border mergers and acquisitions between multinationals in Latin America to developing compliance programs and corporate governance policies and procedures, Edwards has spearheaded several regulatory strategies to assure compliance with both domestic and global regulations that impact business operations. He implements and advises on a broad range of financial services regulations (such as FCPA, SOX, Anti-boycott, OFAC, Dodd Frank, FATCA, UK Bribery Act and CRS).

 Prior to joining Principal, Edwards served as in-house counsel two other financial conglomerates, Grupo Cruz Blanca and Empresas Interamericana (American International Group). He was also formerly a senior associate with the law Chilean firm of Grasty, Quintana & Majlis.

Edwards earned his law degree from the Catholic University in Santiago, Chile, and received additional training in corporate governance, compliance and US regulations in both the United States and Chile.

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