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Javier Trevino - Think Tank - Public Policy and Education Chair

Javier Trevino - Public Policy and Education Chair

Specialization: Education, Ministerial Policy, and Parliamentary Legislative Leadership

Javier Trevino is the Deputy Minister of Education at the Mexican Public Education Ministry, since November 20, 2014.

Before being appointed to this position, Javier Trevino was a member of Mexico's Congress in the House of Representatives (Diputado Federal, State of Nuevo Le n, PRI, from 2012 through 2014). He served as secretary of the Energy Committee and of the Finance Committee; was a member of the Migratory Affairs Committee and of the Special Committee on Information and Communication Technologies.  

Previously, Mr. Trevino served as Lieutenant Governor in the State of Nuevo Le n (2009-2012).

He has served as Vice President of the Mexican Council on International Affairs (Comexi), and he has been a member of the board of the Institute of the Americas, the Woodrow Wilson Center's Mexico Institute, the OAS Trust for the Americas, the North American Center at Arizona State University, and of the Trust of El Colegio de M xico, a leading Mexican university and think tank.

In the private sector, Mr. Trevino served as Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications and Public Affairs of CEMEX, a global building materials company with operations in over 50 countries (2001-2009).

In early 1993, Trevino became a close adviser to then-Secretary of Social Development Luis Donaldo Colosio and joined Colosio's presidential campaign team later that year as strategy adviser and speechwriter.

In April 1994, Trevino was appointed senior adviser on international relations in Ernesto Zedillo's successful presidential campaign. He served in top posts in the Zedillo administration, including three years as Deputy Foreign Minister and two years as Deputy Finance Minister for Administration.

Mr. Trevino holds a BA in International Relations from El Colegio de M xico, and a Master in Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Javier Trevino was born in Monterrey, Mexico on December 11, 1960. He divides his time between Mexico City and his native city of Monterrey, Nuevo Le n.  


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