Global Gross National Happiness & Well-being Index Survey
The First Global GNH / GNW Index Survey
2005 - Present

Dear Visitor,

The Institute invites you to participate in the Global Gross National Happiness and Well-being (GNH / GNW) Index Survey. The survey results will be instrumental in a two-decade research study to develop a global report that will address various socioeconomic issues affecting people's well-being and happiness.  The report offers you a unique platform and the chance to share your experience and shape the awareness of your leaders on issues affecting your life and work.

Your feedback will be used to bring attention of national and global policy makers to key issues affecting your life. You may also elaborate on specific issues that are impacting your well-being by using the optional questions and input boxes (listed below). If you allow us, our researchers may follow up with you via email, (or after your permission with a phone or face-to-face interview) to clarify certain answers.

Thank you for your participation in this survey and for your contribution towards advancing the global socioeconomic development.

Med Jones
Institute's President


Gross National Happiness & Well-being (GNW / GNH) Index Survey


We will protect your privacy with the strictest and highest standards and tools available to us. We do not share or use your email to send you any marketing information. Your submitted information will be kept confidential. In addition to using a strong data encryption, we will strip all personally identifiable information after we validated and downloaded your submitted data into our system. Then, we delete your submission once the data are fed into our statistical analysis system, so that no one, inside or outside the institute, may compromise your privacy. This way, even if we get hacked, the hackers will not find any personal information on the web. The only time we will store or share your personal information is when you explicitly permit us to do so in writing.

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Satisfaction Rating:
Please rate your satisfaction of each area on a scale from 0 to 10 , with:

  • "0"   = very dissatisfied
  • "5"   = neutral
  • "10" = very satisfied

 Satisfaction Area / Dimension

 Overall Satisfaction


1. Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

In general, what is your satisfaction about the frequency and levels of positive vs. negative thoughts and feelings over the past year (please take a moment to reflect and remember)
2. Physical & Health Wellbeing
Your physical safety and health, including risk to your life, body, or property, including the cost and quality of healthcare, if you are sick.
3. Work & Income Wellbeing
Your satisfaction with your job, workplace, and income to support your lessential living activities, including, but not limited. to the necessities of life such as quality shelter, food, transportation, healthcare, and education. If you are a head of household, answer on behalf of your household/family. If you are a non-working student rate your satisfaction with your financial support.
4. Social Relations Wellbeing
As a whole, the relations with your significant other, family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and close community (direct daily interactions).

5. Economic & Retirement Wellbeing
Your disposable income, which is the remaining money after paying for essential living expenses. This money can be used for leisure activities, retirement savings, investments, or charity.
6. Political & Government Wellbeing
Your satisfaction with your political rights, justice system, privacy, and personal freedom, as well the performance of the government (including your tax burden, socioeconomic development policies, speed, effectiveness, and efficiency of government transactions)
7. Living Environment Wellbeing
Your living environment, including city/urban planning, utilities, telecom, internet, infrastructure, traffic, architecture, landscaping and nature's pollution (including noise, air, water, and soil)


What are the top positive things in your life that make you happy?

When applicable, please consider the seven dimensions: mental, physical, work, social, economic, political and environment. (List up to 10 positive things. Max 2000 character)


What are the top challenges and causes of stress in your life?

When applicable, please consider the seven dimensions: mental, physical, work, social, economic, political and environment. (List up to 10 negative things. Max 2000 character)


What would you advise your government to increase your well-being and happiness?

When applicable, please consider the seven dimensions: mental, physical, work, social, economic, political and environment. (List up to 10 recommendations. Max 2000 character)


In your opinion, what are the most influential city, state, federal or international projects or policies? How are they impacting your well-being and happiness? (positively or negatively)?

When applicable, please consider the seven dimensions: mental, physical, work, social, economic, political and environment. (List up to 10 projects. Max 2000 character)


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By submitting the form you provide the Institute with a royalty-free permission to use the provided data part of our global research project. Your privacy will be protected. No personally identifiable information will be published without your specific written permission.


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