The Institute's Executive Education Model - The executive action-learning Difference

The management training courses are customized "executive action-learning" courses with a focus on organization and leadership development. The Institute's management training courses differ from traditional academic and training programs in focus, content and delivery. The Institute's management training model makes the following shifts:

  • From theoretical education to experiential education

  • From academic driven learning to business-driven learning

  • From ad hoc courses to integrated organization development

  • From generic training courses to customized training programs

  • From divisional training to organizational alignment initiatives

  • From teacher-driven learning to student-driven learning

  • From passive (listening) to active (doing) learning

  • From a teaching process to an advisory process

  • From lecturing to coaching

  • From memorizing to brainstorming

  • From subjective thinking to critical thinking

  • From conventional thinking to creative thinking

  • From competitive learning to collaborative learning

  • From problem-focus to solution-focus

  • From exam-based assessment to project-based evaluation

  • From knowledge transfer to knowledge creation

  • From learn-and-forget to sustained performance development

  • From training cost to training investment

  • From human resources to human capital

  • From individual knowledge to collective intelligence

  • From intangible benefits to measurable results

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