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Management Quotes: Marketing Management & Advertising

  • On Advertising - "New Year's Resolutions" is a marketing Campaign invented by the makers of Nicotine Flavoured Chewing Gum - Unknown
  • Whoever controls the media--the images--controls the culture. -- Allen Ginsberg
  • Advertising may be described as the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it. -- Stephen Leacock
  • "Advertising is the principal reason why the business man has come to inherit the earth." - James Randolph Adams
  • "Advertising is of the very essence of democracy. An election goes on every minute of the business day across the counters of hundreds of thousands of stores and shops where the customers state their preferences and determine which manufacturer and which product shall be the leader today, and which shall lead tomorrow." - Bruce Barton
  • "Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret... to put the very heart throbs of a business into type, paper and ink." - Leo Burnett
  • "Advertising is what you do when you can't go see somebody. That's all it is." - Fairfax Cone
  • "Advertising is the life of trade." - Calvin Coolidge
  • "Advertising - a judicious mixture of flattery and threats." - Northrop Frye
  • "Advertising is salesmanship mass produced. No one would bother to use advertising if he could talk to all his prospects face to face. But he can't." - Morris Hite
  • "Advertising is the greatest art form of the twentieth century."- Marshall McLuhan 
  • "Advertising is an environmental striptease for a world of abundance." - Marshall McLuhan, 
  • Advertising is "ten billion dollar a year misunderstanding with the public." - Chester L. Posey
  • "Advertising is, actually, a simple phenomenon in terms of economics. It is merely a substitute for a personal sales force - an extension, if you will, of the merchant who cries aloud his wares."- Rosser Reeves
  • "Advertising is the modern substitute for argument; its function is to make the worse appear the better."- George Santayana
  • "Advertising is the foot on the accelerator, the hand on the throttle, the spur on the flank that keeps our economy surging forward."- Robert W. Sarnoff, 
  • "Advertising is legalized lying."- H.G. Wells
  • "To many advertising account executives, chronic nervous dyspepsia, psychosomatic tension, and hyperacidity are more than just medical words used in television commercials. These are the very real terms that describe what is probably the most common occupational disease off the advertising game."- Harry R. Gasker
  • "The agency's account executive should be able to step into the sales manager's shoes if the sales manager drops dead today."- Morris Hite
  • "The ultimate test of a finished account executive is his ability to write a sound marketing plan."- Morris Hite
  • "I have learned that you can't have good advertising without a good client, that you can't keep a good client without good advertising - Leo Burnett
  • "Most agencies run scared, most of the time.... Frightened people are powerless to produce good advertising.... If I were a client, I would do everything in my power to emancipate my agencies from fear, even to the extent of giving them long-term contracts."- David Ogilvy

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