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Sample CIO strategic research and support services on best investment management practices:

Investment Management

  • Why so many respected money managers and investment funds underperform major market indices, long term? What are the flaws in their investment decision models?
  • How can macro-quant-mental models improve win/loss trade ratio and manage risk?
  • Analyzing and comparing Wall Street's top performing investment funds. What are their key investment strategies and decision-making criteria? What are the lessons learned from the successes and failures of top money managers?
  • Why fund managers appear to beat the market in certain periods but not in others?
  • When does technical analysis work? When it does not work?
  • When does fundamental analysis work? When it does not work?
  • When does economic analysis work? When it does not work?
  • What markets, assets, and sectors to invest in each economic cycle? What are the risks and rewards for each cycle?
  • Do markets move in random patterns? Is it impossible to time the market? When does market timing work and when it does not work? Can market timing methods be improved?
  • How to optimize asset allocations and public equities investment systems to meet various risk profiles and risk-reward objectives?
  • How to accurately assess the risks and rewards of different stock investment types?
  • How to optimize portfolio diversification for maximum returns and minimum risks?
  • How do capital markets work? How do they impact investment decisions?
  • How does monetary policy affect capital flows and asset pricing?
  • What are the key investment lessons from Bernie Madoff, Enron, WorldCom and other fraud scandals?
  • What are the key investment lessons from historical asset bubbles and busts?
  • What are the key investment lessons from historical recessions?
  • What are the key investment lessons from the financial crisis of 2008?
  • What are the key investment lessons from sovereign and private debt defaults?
  • Can investors develop a system of investing and trading that will beat the market over the long term?
  • Why, when and how the growth investment strategy succeed and fail?
  • Why, when and how the value investment strategy succeed and fail?
  • Why, when and how the contrarian investment strategy succeed and fail?
  • Why, when and how the trend investment strategy succeed and fail?
  • Why, when and how the momentum investment strategy succeed and fail?
  • Why, when and how the large-cap stocks investment strategy succeed and fail?
  • Why, when and how the mid-cap stocks investment strategy succeed and fail?
  • Why, when and how the small-cap stocks investment strategy succeed and fail?
  • What is the most optimal asset allocation for the highest probable growth with lowest probable risks? 
  • How will the rise of activist investors impact the stock market valuations and movements?
  • What is the best way to deal with market volatility?
  • What are the most efficient and effective ways to hedge against investment risks?

Financial Economics:

  • What are the current and emerging Political, Economic, Societal, Technological, Environmental, and Legal (PESTEL) risks and opportunities? How will they impact investment portfolios? What is the best ways to manage such risks and opportunities?
  • Are markets rigged? Who are the main players and how do they influence markets in the short, medium and long term?
  • Why so many hedge funds go bust?
  • How best to use game theory minimax strategy in stock market investing?
  • Why is the US the the global reserve currency? What are the advantages and disadvantage of such position? What are the investment risks, opportunities and strategies?
  • Is the BRICS a threat to the US dollar supremacy? Why not? When the US dollar is at risk? When will the US debt will matter?
  • What are the factors that matter to the valuation and the position of the US dollar vs. other currencies vs. Gold?
  • Why do economic and market forecasts fail?
  • Why do inflation models and policies fail?
  • Why do valuation forecasting models fail?
  • Why do behavioral models fail?
  • How can analysts improve economic forecasting and valuation accuracy? 
  • What does the future hold in boom or bust cycles?
  • Was the financial crisis of 2008 a black swan event? Or was it a predictable event?
  • Why did most professional investors, economists, Nobel prize winners, and intelligence agencies fail to predict the great financial crisis (GFC) of 2008? Why did only a few experts manage to foresee the subprime mortgages / housing bubble and its impact on the economy? How accurate are their market forecasts? Can investors rely on their future predictions?
  • Are currency and gold prices manipulated?

Investment Research: Sample CIO Insights, White Papers and Interviews:

  • The Truth About Bitcoin and Its Future: BTC Hype vs. Reality
  • Are Markets Rigged or Are You Confused or Both? - Ask for a copy
  • Why The Fed Economists and Most Investors Were Wrong About 2022 Inflation and 2023 Recession - Ask for a copy
  • The 2022 Inflationary Bear Market Risks and SPX Bottom at 3600 - Ask for a copy
  •  The Next Financial Crisis: Debt, Currency, and Derivatives Risks - Ask for a copy
  • The U.S. Economy Risks For The Next Decade 2007-2017 - Ask for a copy

Investment Education

Predictive Analytics Research

Economic Forecasting Best Practices

Investment Best Practices

  • R6 Institutional Investment Management Algorithm (Ask for a presentation)
  • R6 Predictive Algorithm
  • BEV Portfolio Model (Optimal Stock Selection Criteria)

Thought Leadership

Notes: Role, Purpose and Conflict of Interest

The institute is a think tank and education organization. Our opinion is incidental to our profession. We are not an investment advisory or brokerage firm. We are not seeking outside investments. We do not manage external assets. We do not function as a rating agency.  We do not accept compensation from companies for review or rating purposes. Any recommendation for or against any asset, trading strategy, buy or sell action is done for an educational purpose only. The expressed opinions should not be considered as an endorsement for or against any asset, company or investment firm. Markets are hyper-dynamic, therefore our forecasts continuously change with changing data; they are used as an input to complex risk management and valuation decision models. Despite past success in economic forecasting and research portfolio designs, we do not provide any guarantee for future forecasts or performance.

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