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Think Tank Projects

International Cooperation

Research Mission

  • Build a worldwide knowledge network to research, develop and disseminate management best practices

The Institute's think tank supports and encourages research best practices in investment, business and economic sciences. We co-fund and partner with public, private, and non-profit development projects.

The think tank is open to collaboration with international partners on cross-border innovation and socioeconomic development projects. International R&D cooperation can lead to the creation of global  socioeconomic development opportunities. The business benefits include a shorter time to the market with lower costs and shared risks. The social benefits include knowledge sharing, social collaboration and more effective management of the social development process.

Forms of international research collaboration include the following:

  • Formation of international joint ventures and consortia
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Mobility and exchange programs
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Collaboration for marketing and dissemination of results

Research Support Services:

The Institute provides consulting, project support and training services for international research consortia. The list of services includes:

  1. Innovation and policy development
    • Promoting improved government and corporate innovation policies
  2. Innovation and research education
    • Promoting innovation and education programs
    • Entrepreneurship training
    • Public and scientific leadership training
  3. Project development, promotion and support
    • Expert proposal evaluation, project feasibility studies, technical and other studies
    • Project management and support services
    • Expert project reviews, audits and assessment
    • International dissemination and marketing support
    • Annual conference organization
    • Publications and communication activities and event support
  4. Innovation Management
    • Enterprise creation consultancy
    • Management consulting and advisory services
  5. Globalization and knowledge networks
    • Promoting international research and business collaboration
    • Developing a global society by promoting peace, positive communication and socioeconomic exchange

Research Methods

Our experts employ rigorous research methods, system thinking, critical analysis, innovative decision models, proprietary knowledge library and diagnostic tools to assist clients in designing and implementing new strategies and management systems. The main research and support activities, include:

Research Phases Methods  
Data gathering
Fact finding 
Literature Assessments
Desk Research
Measurement Analysis and Synthesis  Indicator Systems
Data Analysis
Statistical Analysis
Probability Analysis
Scenario Analysis
Cluster Analysis
Foresight Methods
Trend Analysis
Pattern Analysis
Expert Interviews
Creative problem solving, brainstorming and innovation gates
Validation Management Frameworks, andModeling  Testing Critical Analysis
Implementation, Communication & Dissemination Consensus Conference
Round Tables
Project Management Process Support
Seminars, Training and Expert Workshops
Media & Public Relations
Evaluation / Controlling Audits Formative Evaluation Reporting


Sample Projects

The Institute co-sponsored the following research programs:

Research Consortiums

  • Happiness Initiative Program

Sample Proprietary Projects



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