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World's Most Respected CEOs

Most Respected CEOs

The Management Society recognizes and honors the works of the world's top CEOs. A team of The Institute researchers conducted the study. Researchers' criteria for accepting nominations included the leader's global success and recognition within the consulting, academic and international management communities. The qualities most often cited in successful leadership qualities are: vision, inspiration, trust and company performance.

Ranking of World's Most Respected CEOs 2005


 World's Most Respected CEOs


 Carlos Ghosn (Nissan)


 Bill Gates (Microsoft)


 François-Henri Pinault (PPR)


 Hiroshi Okuda (Toyota)


 Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway)


 Fujio Mitarai (Canon)


 Jeffrey Immeit (General Electric)


 Steve Jobs (Apple)


 Leif Johansson (Volvo)


 Donald Trump (Trump Hotels and Casino Resort)

According to Mr. Med Jones, Editor-in-Chief, no "elite" list is all inclusive. There are many successful leaders who do not have equal media or research exposure. The nomination for A List is open worldwide. To participate in the survey, please visit Polls

Methodology and Ranking Criteria

The survey methodology provides the ability to validate nominations and allows insights into the nominees' critical success factors.
  • Public stakeholders can nominate the most respected companies and their leaders.

  • Voters are then asked to give the reasons for their nominations, thus providing valuable insight into what key factors drive the success of these nominees. Questions are presented in free-form and open-ended formats.

  • Further research is conducted to validate the entries using sales figures, business/investment analysts ratings, competitive benchmarking and market impact as expressed in the global media.

  • After verification and acceptance of the nomination, the input is then statistically analyzed taking into consideration the geographic region, the relationship with the company, the number of votes, the listed reasons and the order in which they are listed.

  • When two or more companies score equally on overall ratings (reach a tie) , the Institute editors refer to the number of votes.

In a nutshell, the public nominates, the researchers validate the nominations, and the number votes determines the respectability and ranking.


Other "A List" survey results

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